First steps

Last updated February 27, 2014

Fleepster presentation

Fleepster presents with a smile on their logo , like that creature sees the light for the first time. This platform much sleep has stolen , is here with the firm intention to help and improve all business that crosses in front.

As a company we are, every day we realize the importance of getting feedback from our customers. We believe in good communication with them , which helps us to improve our products and services, and that becomes an unfailing loyalty tool. But in a market where 8 out of 10 companies are SMEs , with few resources to devote to communication , we believed necessary to solve that gap can mean the difference between success or failure.

We wonder how the picture show that every company believes its products or services match the image customers have of it , and how we plan to make that communication easily without involving a drag on the economy.

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Getting started

Fleepster questionnaires are a useful tool that allows you to ask your customers and users quickly and easily. A questionnaire Fleepster be linked to a QR code that can print to put in a visible place in your business. Your customers can scan this QR code with your mobile and proceed to the questionnaire at the same time they are on your property or receive your service.

1. ¿How to create a questionnaire?

Once you have registered on the platform, you access the main menu.

1.1. Select 'Surveys' found on both the left and the lower menu buttons on the main page.

1.2. Click the question mark icon is in the top left to start making a questionnaire.

Administration Panel

Create Survey - Statistics - History



Create a new survey for your customers and customize your questions.



Look at the statistics to collect important data about your business.



Check the history of old surveys, view, compare, improve...

1.3. Complete the 'Name of the survey' with the title you want to give to it. This title will appear at the top of the questionnaire that you deliver to your customers.

1.4. In the 'Type' field you can select from the different types of surveys that you have hired. If your account is Basic, you only have the option to review questionnaires. With Premium and Advantage accounts you can also make questionnaires

1,5. Select category to which belongs your business so we can suggest questions that may be useful depending on the branch you belong.

You have the option to choose only those you want and complete them with questions that compose yourself , in the box where it says 'Add Question'. Bear in mind that you should ask closed questions dichotomous , ie , the possible answers are offered:

¿'You consider our products in good quality'?

How to ask a question correctly implies closed answer:



For answers who want to express their disagreement with the matter for which they are asked.



Responses indicate that the matter in question which does not have a relevant character and the positive or negative side.



For wanting answers agreeing to the matter for which they are asked.

Mistakes to Avoid When asking a question involving closed answer:

Writing in negative terms : Do you think our service is not good?

could be interpreted as “Yes, I think your service is not good”. Or as “Positive. I think your service is good” so would the red and yellow dots.

1,6. Once you have selected and drafted the questions you want to appear in your questionnaire , click the button that indicates 'Create profile'. You just create your survey ! Now you just have to spread and share.

Solutions : Distribution of survey

After creating the survey and generate the corresponding characteristics of the survey you just created screen appears. In it you will see:

(1) The QR code linked to your poll will default. Below this , you have the option 'Create your brochure QR'

(2) The link will bring you to your survey. You can click on it to view it and use it to send to your customers via e-mail.

(3) You can select the language of your questionnaire on the 'Language'.

(4) You can add your business logo to give it a more personal touch to the survey.

(5) From the 'Actions' tab , you can change the order of the questions by dragging and dropping , you can also see a preview of the survey.

(6) You can activate the ' Geolocation ' option to display on the map where the surveys.

(7) We also provide the source code for you to insert into your surveys.

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